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Dealer helps recover stolen coins

Recovery of approximately $100,000 in stolen coins resulted from actions taken by Pensacola, Fla., dealer Bob Bruce of All American Coin & Jewelry Company.

The coins and others with a value totaling over $1 million were taken in a December burglary of the home of Dr. Robert C. Talbott of Hilliard, Ohio.
Bruce said a man walked into his shop May 3 with seven coins that included a PCGS-66 1903-S silver dollar that was so appealing that his staff called him while he was at a show.

He said he believed it was stolen and he contacted Larry Shepherd, the executive director of the American Numismatic Association, who had sold Talbott many of his coins. Shepherd confirmed Bruce?s belief.

Bruce said the seven coins were brought into the shop with the dealer stickers still on them.

Bruce talked to the man by phone, told him he wanted to buy them and to come back on May 5. Authorities were contacted in the meantime. He did not do so, but Bruce said they played phone tag all day. He returned May 6 and an arrest was made, with FBI agents coming in the back door and the front door, Bruce said.

Three coins were recovered and an additional seven at another shop, Bruce said.

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