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CSNA and NCNA Celebrate Coin Hobby Jointly

The California State Numismatic Association (CSNA) and the Northern California Numismatic Association (NCNA) held their first-ever joint venture, the Northern California Numismatic Forum, on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019, in Vallejo, California.

The site for this Forum was the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.

All Smiles! With a pre-Forum visit and tour in the famous Napa Valley, are (left to right,) Lloyd G. Chan, Rose Malvini, Jeff Shevlin, Geoff Bell, Alexander Chamberlain, Cecilia Shevlin, Matthew L. Malvini, Michael S. Turrini, Sylvia Bell, and Kyle W. Lubke.

The joint endeavor had the theme of ‘Transportation Numismatics’ with four presenters. The first was Geoffrey Bell, from New Brunswick, Canada a well-known Canadian coin collector and scholar, whose program was titled ‘Banks on Rails’, providing an interesting story into Canada’s westward development with communities having prefabricated wooden bank buildings, shipped in two rail boxcars for on-site erection.

Jeff Shevlin, the ‘So-Called Dollar Guy’, followed with an informative review of So-Called Dollars with transportation designs, as ships or other forms of motive power. He summarized the historical background for each issue, with most being issued for expositions and fairs.

The afternoon speaker session began with Kyle W. Lubke, from Palo Alto, California, who spoke on ancient coins with transportation designs and also the transit of money in international trade and settlements from ancient times to the United States Dollar.

(left to right) Matthew L. Malvini, Michael S. Turrini, Forum Coordinator, and Kyle W. Lubke.

The concluding speaker was Matthew L. Malvini, who, at age 19, was the youngest presenter.   He gave a historical background to the famous cable cars of San Francisco and money used during the high of cable cars trackage. He noted for comparison that the fare on the well-known New York Subway has increased from a nickel, five cents, to $3.00 in a hundred years.

“While attendance was not as hoped, the quality and research plus enthusiasm of the four presenters was outstanding. I compliment each for their effort and research,’ commented Lloyd G. Chan, NCNA President.

“I echo Chan’s review. The effort and the knowledge learned were simply great. Attending was well-worth the time,” added Dennis J. Hogan, CSNA President, who drove from his southern California home to attend.

Written reviews and evaluations at the forum’s conclusion reiterate the aforementioned comments, which included remarks that the presenters be invited to a future forum.

Coordinating the all-day event was Michael S. Turrini, CSNA Recording Secretary and “California Numismatist” Columnist plus NCNA Treasurer and Editor. Donald L. Hill, CSNA Corresponding Secretary and Librarian, with Earliene Millier, handling the Registration and Door Prizes.

Lloyd G. Chan provided video coverage and technical support. Fred G. van den Haak, NCNA Second Vice-President, served as a Host and Transportation Guide. James E. Kern, the Museum’s Executive Director and a devoted booster of this event, was the Forum’s Moderator.

Major financial support was contributed by Alexander B. Chamberlain, who served as a Host and Greeter, Fred G. van den Haak, and Michael S. Turrini. Additional support was donated by several patrons.

The NCNA Benefactors. (left to right) Michael S. Turrini, Alexander Chamberlain, and Fred G. van den Haak.

“For me, to support and to enhance numismatics here in northern California is my personal joy and my contribution to our great hobby, particularly at the quality of the four presenters,’ shared Alexander Chamberlain, now in his fifth year of financial support.

Also appreciated was the Canadian Association for Numismatic Education (CAFNE) adding to the financial funding, in respect for hosting a Canadian presenter.

Nothing has been scheduled for 2020. Plans would have the event returning to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, which has proven to be most welcoming. A theme and the presenters would be announced by January 2020.

Further information can be found at www.calcoin.org and www.solanocoinclub.com, and www.valmuse.org. Inquiries can be emailed to dlhcoins@gmail.com and csnalibrary@gmail.com. 

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