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Community Voice Responses (12/25/12)


From the November 30th Numismatic e-newsletter: The Mint is working on improving its website. Do you place more orders online than by phone? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

We are Peter Nichols Cabinet Makers. We hand make coin, medal and collectors cabinets in England. Established in 1967, we supply the British Museum and other private collectors.
On our advertisements in magazines and online, customers can request a full descriptive leaflet of all the cabinets as well as print them off from our website. We have to post them to customers.
We find that as most of our customers are older they are not confident using the website and will phone to place their order and even write letters to us asking for a leaflet. They often forget to give a phone number, which is often impossible to trace as they are “X” directory so we send our leaflets at some considerable expense only to be not able to follow up to chase orders.
Just this week we had a written request from a customer in Japan asking for printed details to be sent as he did not have a computer. We even had to take the letter to the post office for it to be weighed. it cost £4.00 to post!
There is the assumption that everyone has a computer and is happy to give card details to websites. This is far from the truth. If we did not send printed details to customers we would miss many orders.
Please take a look at our web site www.coincabinets.com there is a link there to our Facebook pages.
Hope this insight into coin and medal collectors not only in the U.K. but worldwide is of help in your research.
Shirley Watts
Peter Nichols Cabinet Makers England


I place all my coin orders from the U.S. Mint online. I will no longer place any order to the Mint by either phone or mail.
The fastest delivery time is when you place your order as soon as the item is available. Sometimes I receive the item the same week it was ordered.
Dave Davis
Address withheld


I have stopped all my subscriptions from the Mint and I only order anything from the Mint online. The only thing I currently buy are the gold commemoratives when they are issued. As for all the regular issued coins, they are nothing but junk and not worth the price you have to pay to get them.
I did receive a letter from the Mint stating that they noticed that I cancelled all my subscriptions a few months back. I responded that I was dissatisfied both with their service and their products. The Mint has a lot of improvements to make before I will consider purchasing anything else from them.
John T. Tinney
Address withheld


I will place my orders online because it more convenient and I can check for any errors in the order before submitting it.
Louis Ilaria
Address withheld


I place almost all of my orders on the U.S. Mint’s website. I find I have everything right in front of me. I can check on existing orders, products schedules, ordering, etc. The website makes it very convenient and easy and is simple to navigate. Made my life easier.

Julio Nunes    

High Bridge, N.J.

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