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Community Voice Responses (12/18/12)


From the November 23rd Numismatic e-newsletter: The Mint is working to improve its quality control. Are the coins you purchase getting better? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Mint mistakes are what make coin collecting fun. If they cut out the mistakes, what will the collector look for?
The numbers are so high that rarity based on mintage is a thing of the past.
I really enjoy your magazine.
Vernon G. McBride Jr.
U.S. Army

I’ve not purchased any coins directly from the Mint in years. Long ago the prices started rising faster than my net income.
The other reason, when living in California, I called their toll-free number to get a hard copy pamphlet or email of what was currently available (income available). Neither were in my hand even though the call center person assured me it would be “on the way.” Talk about being shined on!
A lot of times I’ve seen a price drop in the after market on a bourse floor. Since this was so, why deal with an organization that “shines me on,” especially when they charge a $4.95 service fee for this type of service?
Gary Kess
Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherlands

Like most people, I’m not privy enough to actually have been able to read the Mint’s quality assurance policy, therefore I am unable to comment as to whether its quality has actually increased or not, but I have often wondered as to why I have never experienced any quality issues, like spots. or poor proof finish, or even late or nondelivery. I’ve just thought the numismatic “gods” were on my side or that Dave Harper went around at night and blessed all my orders. Don’t kid yourself, because he does hold that amount of power!
Michael Schmeyer
Halsey Valley, N.Y.

The coins I’m receiving are OK. I received two sets of circulating quarters (five ATB.) They were maybe MS-60.
I’ve received other coins that have been much better.
Jeff Blum
Williamstown, Vt.

I buy some items from the U. S. Mint but I have to send some back for refund 99 percent of the time due to spots, scratches, etc., in the coins. I have cut down on what I buy and in the future won’t order anything from them, due to these problems.
I have mentioned this to them in the past and they say, we are sorry about that. Most of the items that they put out are not investment items at all, rarely do they put out any of these.
As far as the gold and silver items go, they are over inflated on their prices. I can wait and get most on the secondary market for less. They are mass producing their items so much and not keeping up with the quality they should be doing. The designs and the quality of the coins way back are much better, in my opinion. If they don’t improve on the quality they will be losing a lot of customers. It is evident that I’m not the only person who has issues on this topic.
Robert Zangari
Lakewood, Colo.

I purchased two sets of the San Francisco American Eagles. I sent both sets back due to the poor quality. They were both replaced. The replacement sets were not much better. From this and other experiences. I would sat that the Mint’s quality is not improving.
Bryan Dyer

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