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Community Voice Responses (12/03/13)


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From the Nov. 8 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Do you think bitcoin virtual currency related items will become popular with collectors?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.


I am not very familiar with the bitcoin. After reading Numismatic News’ article Nov. 8 it sheds a little more light on the subject for me (but not much).It still doesn’t seem like something that would interest me.

David Tortorice
Buffalo, N.Y.


When will it stop? Enough is enough. Rid the Mint of all the coins and currency stored first, then we should talk about will bitcoins become a thing of the future.

Dave Asbury Sr.
Omaha, Neb.


I don’t believe bitcoin will become popular with coin collectors.

Jack Iaci
Spring Hill, Fla.


As a subscriber to Numismatic News, I just learned of the new “solid” product in lieu of the “virtual.” I know little of the virtual BC, having paid no attention to it at all. I have been a collector for over 40 years. I first learned of the BC a few years back, as had most collectors. I felt the same as did all my collector friends … no interest. But now, after learning of this new product, I want to learn more. My information is as follows:

Connie Murphy
New Braunfels, Texas



Richard Heerdt
Terrell, Texas


With a current 1 bitcoin unit “value” of over $325, the coin itself priced at over $400 and with huge value fluctuations, I think they are too risky to be a collectible.

I’d wait until the market drops substantially before buying one or perhaps purchase a redeemed coin as a novelty.

If you have been reading the news about bitcoin, it is only worth what someone else is willing to pay right now. There have been too many issues with it, including bitcoin transfer agents folding and account hacking, for me to get interested.

Patrick Bachler
Wilmette, Ill.


First, the logo of bitcoins can be changed instantly. Second, the number of bitcoins can be in the billions. I would never buy a bitcoin to hope it displays well. There certainly will never be rarity value. Of course, you might want to ask those who would buy bitcoins if they want to pay in bitcoins. This idea is a loser.

Alan Goldberg
Address withheld


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