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Community Voice Responses (08/20/13)

2014 U.S. Coin Digest

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From the July 26 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Would you buy an octagonal gold Pan-Pac $5 if authorized for 2017?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

First of all, 2017 dated coins for the 100th anniversary? Actual size copies of the lower denominations with just a new date? Are you kidding? I foresee confusion and scam opportunities. They should be stamped “COPY.” A commemorative of a commemorative?
As for the $50 pieces portrayed as $5 coins, I’m not in favor.
This proposed introduction undermines the efforts of those individuals who strive to collect the complete or partial set of this classic commemorative.
I hope this doesn’t pass.
Horst Seeley
Palm Coast, Fla.

I would absolutely purchase. $5 is OK, but a large denomination would be neat.
Albert F. Kaminsky
Address withheld

I think we need a five-sided coin like we did 100 years ago.
Daniel E. Shipp
Bossier City, La.

I would love to purchase a new collector version based on the original octagonal coin. Most of us will never own an original and it is a beautiful coin. I vote yes.
Tom Wodetzki
Danville, Ill.

I would like to have a 2017 Pan-Pac $5. I am just wondering what coins and finishes would be offered.
Proof, reverse proof, unc., and enhanced unc. That’s four coins for the round, and another four for the octagon shape. That’s eight coins if they all come from one Mint. So you could add eight more from each Mint, Eight each from P, D, S and W. Now it’s a 32-coin set. Hopefully that won’t happen.
Donald Cantrell
Address withheld

It looks like a winner to me, but I suspect I’ll be influenced by the price. I did get the Ultra High Relief double Eagle when it was issued, and I also like the First Spouse coins with Liberty on them.
I predict that if there is a choice between either proof or circulation issue, the latter will be the winner, with a much lower mintage.
Mike Thorne

I would buy a Pan-Am coin immediately! It always has been my dream coin and one that I aspire to own someday. Bring it on. I’m ready!
Julio Nunes
High Bridge, N.J.

From a collector’s standpoint, I would be tempted to purchase the set for the sheer beauty of it. However, based on the proposed mintages, the set probably will never trade for much more than a small percentage above bullion.
Martin Mettee
Address withheld

Yes! I crave classic U.S. tribute coins from any country.
James Martin
Address withheld


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