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Community Voice Responses (08/13/13)

2014 U.S. Coin Digest

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From the July 19 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Should the Mint have issued a 100th anniversary Buffalo nickel?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

A commemorative 100th anniversary Buffalo nickel coin would have been well accepted and appreciated by coin collectors, honoring one of the most beautiful and Americana theme coin designs ever issued. A huge miss considering the numerous unimportant historic subjects honored on U.S. coins during recent years.
George Mace
Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

I already voted online. Hello no. Time for use to get some good new art on our coins.
Chris Budesa
West Orange, N.J.

I would have loved a 100th anniversary buffalo nickel. The design has always been my favorite coin design. That’s why I went crazy when I was able to get a Buffalo $50 gold coin that was slabbed. I’d still like to see it released.
R. Scott Mcdowell
Address withheld

Wow! What a fantastic idea. It would certainly get old-timers excited and light a fire under new collectors. Is there a way to get some traction for this idea?
Michael Chazin
Deerfield, Ill.

Absolutely the Mint should issue 100th anniversary buffalo nickel. I would buy at least 10 rolls of them.
And they should put out a duplicate of the 2001 commem silver dollar marked 2013. They would sell a billion of them, well maybe a million, but I bet at least 5 million. The Mint is a little short sighted.
Martin Biles
Belmont, Calif.

I would have to say no. They are already issuing a gold copy of the Buffalo nickel as it is. I have been under the impression that the mint can only issue two commemoratives each year. Since that is the law of the land, I think that the commemoratives issued should honor people, places or things that are of great importance to this country and it’s people.
Commemorating coins that in their own right are almost useless based upon their buying power is a waist of time, materials and human resources. Instead, let’s put the talent of our mint designers to work on things that honor the country, the hero’s present and past along with discoveries and inventions that have benefited mankind in general.
Issuing coins to commemorate coins seems rather stupid to me. I think there are many more important and interesting things that should be commemorated that coins. How about commemorating some of the less than famous people and places that have played import parts in making this country what it used to be.
John T. Tinney
Volcano, Calif.

I emailed the Mint and made the suggestion last year, What a great thing it would be to reissue the buffalo nickel for its 100th year anniversary.
And of course they failed miserably. What a shame to not have done this with a nice deeply struck example.
Maybe a proof commemorative would have even been nice.
It could still be done the year is not over yet, But I doubt it will happen.
Mark J. Hess
Sartell, Minn.

Yes, the Mint should definitely have issued a centennial edition of the Buffalo nickel.
James Fritz
Address withheld

I think commemorative coins should honor events, not anniversaries of coins – this applies to the Buffalo nickel this year or the Kennedy half dollar next year. We already have a neat “commemorative” of the Buffalo nickel for collectors in the Indian Head/Buffalo 1 ounce gold coin. I am waiting for the order day for the reverse gold proof next month; looking forward to getting that beautiful coin.
R.W. Barker
Midland. Mich.

Yes, the Mint should definitely have issued a centennial edition of the Buffalo nickel.
James Fritz
Address withheld


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  1. phritzg says:

    It would be interesting to mint an anniversary Buffalo nickel out of 99.6% nickel, which sells for about $8.00 an ounce.

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