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Community Voice Responses (02/05/13)


From the January 11th Numismatic e-newsletter: Does a coin show’s level of security make or break whether you decide to attend? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

One of the attractions of investing in coins includes the anonymity of ownership. I am much more concerned with security at my home than at shows.
I find any requirement to produce identification to register at a coin show to be an invasion of privacy and a security breach since that information can potentially lead to a home invasion if it falls into the wrong hands.
As for the security of show premises, the more off-duty cops the better.
Bruce Walker
Kansas City, Mo.

Yes, indeed, it matters significantly regarding security at coin shows.
Some smaller local shows I attend have no security and it makes me nervous.
One particular show features memorabilia, games, and items of yesteryear sprinkled with about 35 percent coin dealers.
I would prefer to pay $1 to $2 for admission to cover some sort of armed security as a deterrent to anything being considered by anyone.
With today’s ultra poor economy, I think we all need to be more proactive in all security matters. I watch that no one watches my purchases.
How many dealers have been followed at the close of a show and when they stopped at a restaurant on the way home have been victimized?
Be streetwise and alert in all life experiences.
David Horgan
Address withheld

I don’t fly to coin shows (at least not yet), so the security level is not a major factor, as I carry concealed and am always armed.
I am also very observant when leaving a coin show with my purchases.
Name withheld
Regardless of the size of the show, security is a necessity. Granted, a good many of attendees of coin shows are above reproach. Unfortunately, the few “bad apples” have to spoil the broth, so to speak.
When I had lived in Ohio or California, security was a must to keep the “grey area” honest. There always seemed to be the one bad penny in the bunch. This cost is a needed one in the purchasing price at this venue.
I have yet to attend any venue in Europe. This coming Monday, I hope to walk into my first coin shop to gather information and insight to upcoming events. I will give all information I do have (as a concern) to gain new perspective.
In a nutshell, “a necessary evil” so to speak.
Gary Kess
Berkel En Rodenrijs, Netherlands

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