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Comeback for quarters?

With Presidential dollar production numbers to be drastically reduced, what will the U.S. Mint fill the coining presses with in 2012?

Dare it be suggested that quarters are coming alive again?

Mintage of the fifth 2011 design for Chickasaw National Recreation Area more than doubled from the levels achieved by the first four designs of the year.

2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Quarters

Pulled directly from 2012 U.S. Coin Digest, the most complete and detailed color guide to U.S. coins.

Production for the Chickasaw coins ballooned to 143.2 million. This breaks down between the two mints this way:

Chickasaw Denver 69.4 million

Chickasaw Philadelphia 73.8 million

Though a far cry from the high point of 1.6 billion of the Virginia design of 2000, the Chickasaw total is far higher than the 60 million or so coins struck for each of the other 2011 designs.

For comparison, the Gettysburg Denver quarter has a mintage of 30.4 million and the Philadelphia version registered a mintage of 30.8 million pieces.

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The other mintages are:

Glacier Denver 31.2 million

Glacier Philadelphia 30.4 million

Olympic Denver 30.6 million

Olympic Philadelphia 30.4 million

Vicksburg Denver 33.4 million

Vicksburg Philadelphia 30.8 million

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