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Collectors like catching proof silver Eagles

Proof 2007 silver American Eagle sales are going gangbusters. This week the total rose by 216,464 pieces to 217,745. Collectors obviously are eager to add these coins to their collections of American Eagles. How high will sales go? 1 million perhaps? We?ll see as the year goes on.

With the Washington State quarter now on sale, we are wrapping up the Montana quarter numbers, which hardly budged this week.

Added this week are totals for 2007 Kennedy half dollar bag and roll sales. Sales were not large in the first week, but it is early yet for these coins.

In case you missed last week?s front page story about the final 2006 American Eagle bullion coin numbers, we have added that box at right for this week only. As we pointed out last week, the silver Eagle total is the second highest ever, while gold was weak and platinum steady compared to 2005.bigmint.jpg

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