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Collector Web site launched

NeoCollect, LLC announced Feb. 22 the launch of www.neocollect.com, a new Web site for collectors to manage and showcase their collections, connect with others and share expertise.

This pilot site is currently set up for coins, medals and tokens, but NeoCollect says it will soon be adding templates for a broad spectrum of art and antiques.

NeoCollect was started by John Sallay, vice president of the Medal Collectors of America. He is a longtime collector of early American antiques and school award medals from around the world.

In addition to managing and displaying collections, users will also be able to find, buy, sell and trade items.

Users’ items are completely private and viewable only by the collector until he or she decides to make them public. When collectors decide to share parts of their collections with others, they can keep their identity private by displaying only their NeoCollect user name. Users can also provide a brief personal profile and description of their collection if they wish.

Each collection is organized in a tree hierarchy. Collectors can set up and reorganize their collection however they like. Each item can be assigned a status such as currently owned, previously owned, or owned but available for sale or trade. Collectors can include items that they do not own but would like to acquire.

Community members can link their collections to a community for others to browse. The community’s classified section can help members build and refine their collections.

For more features, see the Overview video at www.neocollect.com/help/video/overview/ and other visual tours at www.neocollect.com/help/video/overview/#more_videos.

For more information, send an e-mail to support@neocollect.com.

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