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Coinfest to showcase half dime

1870-S Half DimeA.jpgThe one-of-a-kind 1870-S half dime will be the highlight display at Coinfest, Oct. 27-28, in the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center in Old Greenwich, Conn., announced Jonathan Lerner, show promoter, in late July.

Arranging the loan of the $2.5 million coin for the event is Laura Sperber of Legend Numismatics, ?who is a partner in the show,? Lerner explained.

1870-S Half DimeB.jpg?The coin is definitely not for sale. It resides and is the shining centerpiece of the LAW collection, yet the collector who owns the piece wanted to share with other hobbyists this fantastic rarity,? Sperber said.

Lerner said all of the major players will be present at the show, which he says will be the largest show in the metro New York City area.

The half dime was unknown before 1978, when it reportedly was discovered in a junkbox. Even the ?complete? Eliasberg collection didn?t have one.
For more information about the show, visit the Web page at www.thecoinfest.com.

Lerner may be reached at (914) 806-2225. E-mail is thecoinfest@yahoo.com.

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