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Coin production low across board

Even with added demand from collectors, the production levels of the Presidential $1 coins are falling faster than the initial two-year production of the Sacagawea dollar.

In the first two years of single-design Sac production, 1,490,402,000 coins were struck. So far in 2008, 1,180,480 have been struck and if mintages cease falling for the remaining two designs of the year, the two-year total will reach approximately 1.3 billion dollar coins.

Presidential dollars are not the only coins whose production is declining. Take a look at the production figures for the first four months of 2008. The Philadelphia totals for the nickel and the dime show that production there is not keeping up with Denver.

Cent production is moving along at a rate that hasn?t been this low in nearly 40 years.

Holding up better, but still down from peak output are state quarters. This denomination is the workhorse of the economy and popular with collectors and the public besides.


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