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Coin of the Year responses

From the June 14 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Balloting for the 2007 Coin of the Year saw the United States take top honors in three of the 10 categories. The Marine commemorative dollar won as Best Crown, the Oregon state quarter was voted Best Trade Coin and the Bison nickel won as the Most Popular Coin.

Which of the three U.S. Coins do you think is most deserving of the top honor?

Here are the answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

The buffalo Nickel.
Jay Morgado
Charlotte, N.C.

I truly believe that the Bison Nickel design should be the winner of these three coins. Yes the Marines deserve more credit than we can give them and the coin is nice, but it?s the men behind that coin that are the winners. As far as the State Quarter goes it?s beautiful but looks at the designs and technology that we have now to design a coin. Now go back to 1913 and think about what James Earle Fraser had to work with. He came up with a design that is again being copied that says a lot to me.
Gregory S. Mellon
Romansville, Pa.

Oregon State Quarter.
Lolly Miller
Riverside, Calif.

I believe the Bison  nickel is the best coin. Thanks for all the info you put out for us.

John E. O?Shea
Huntersville, N.C.

Marine Commemorative.
Jim Driver
Burlington, N.C.

My choice for the honors for the best of the three coins would be the United States Marine Dollar, particularly since it covers a wider national interest. The Crator Lake Oregon Quarter is a superb coin, true, but it is localized, whereas our U.S. Marines are from all corners of the U.S. territories. The Bison  nickel is the supreme  nickel of 2005 because of its popular folklore and historical significance, a romance as it were with our American heritage and a close second to the glorious Marine tribute which is top dog, pardon the pun, because of the bravery, the fighters of/for freedom and liberty and without those we may not have been able to mint a Bison  nickel.God Bless America!

Thank you for allowing me to speak my piece.

Kenyon Miers
Esperance, N.Y.

The Marine commemorative dollar.
Alan McDonel
Goodyear, Ariz.

I pick the Marine coin.
Paul Clements
Indianapolis, Ind.

The Marine Commem should be the top coin.
 Robert Freese
 Nisswa, Minn.

The Marine. It?s all American.

Russell Hedgecock
Indiansprings, Nev.

I vote for the Oregon state quarter. Thanks.
James J. O?Connell III
Hawthorne, Calif.

I would like to cast my vote for the Marine memorial coin.

Bob Crawford
Indianapolis, Ind.

I believe the Marine commemorative dollar should be given the top honor.

Jesse Tarshis
Montrose, Colo.

Love the Bison nickel! Best of the year.
Terry Fulk
Indianapolis, Ind.

I think that shall go to the Bison nickel, because (even though it?s not identical to Fraser?s buffalo) it reminds a little of the original Buffalo nickel.
Leroy Vargas
Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

I would have to vote for the  nickel.
John Jacher
Vandalia, Ohio

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