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Club members perform nickel search

More than 26,000 nickels got a close look this spring as part of an inventory project conducted by a group from New Jersey?s Ocean County Coin Club.

The 14-person team was evenly divided between adult members and the club?s YNs, said Jim Majoros, club president.

Each member purchased five rolls of nickels from a financial institution of their choice every week for 10 weeks, beginning in February and ending the week of National Coin Week in April. Because one individual searched just 800 nickels, the total came to 26,800. The participants charted characteristics such as date and mintmark.

Project organizer Gary Catlin conducted short inventory meetings prior to the club?s regular meetings.

?Members looked forward to discussing their finds as it added to the club?s camaraderie amongst the members,? Catlin said.

After searching 26,800 nickels, members found: 390 pre-1960; eight WWII silver; 55 with ?S? mintmarks; 36 older, i.e. buffalo type; and 22 were either foreign coins or tokens.

?It was surprising to see 18 percent of all the nickels were from the Denver Mint, including the four Lewis and Clark type nickels (Peace, Keelboat, Buffalo and Ocean View ? 2004 and 2005),? Catlin said.

The Denver Mint percentage would have been lower if one of the search team members, Mike Stanley, had not been from California, Caitlin said.
?Team members are looking forward to a future search, especially the youngsters,? Majoros said.

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