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Club gives Syd Kass cake for No. 98

Longtime coin collector Syd Kass celebrated his 98th birthday with his friends Aug. 3 at a meeting of the Delta Coin Club at the Stockton, Calif., Eagles Hall.

Called Mr. Delta Coin Club, Kass has been a pillar of the club.

A nice attendance graced the gathering, which was the club’s “Other Hobbies Night.”

Ready to enjoy cake are, left to right, Dale Olson, Syd Kass at age 98, Michael S. Turrini, and Ed Hohe, current Delta Coin Club president.

Earlene Millier, an award-winning baker and cook, and Donald L. Hill, the California State Numismatic Association’s corresponding secretary, baked a cake, which was immediately consumed by hungry attendees!

Kass is now limited in mobility and requires caregivers, but he distributed wooden nickels for the upcoming club’s Oct. 20, 2018, coin chow. He has arranged and expedited the club’s wood issues since the 1970s.

Joining Kass in birthdays was his longtime companion, and devoted club member, Dale Olson.

Kass, an Eagle Scout who earned the rank in 1936, served as the club’s corresponding secretary for over 25 years and has held other offices.

He is now director emeritus and, with assistance, attends meetings, still sharing a Show ‘n’ Tell.

At this Aug. 3 meeting, he displayed and talked about his Stockton large-size National Bank Notes.

Among the other Show ‘n’ Tell items were super cars, Depression-era glassware, beer bottle and can openers, model railroading, Scouting Jamboree badges, music and recordings, needle and sewing, and other hobbies and pursuits.

“It was with pleasure that we drove to Stockton and shared some hours with a Babe Ruth of our hobby. While no longer active, Syd was a major national leader in errors for decades and counts Fred Weinberg, the noted error dealer, as a friend and one who Syd mentored,” said Lloyd G. Chan, the current Northern California Numismatic Association president.

“I echo ‘Doctor’ Chan. Having correspondence with Syd since 1980, I, too, class him a mentor, as well as dear friend,” said Michael S. Turrini, established northern California coin celebrant.

Information about northern California organized numismatics can be obtained by emailing dlhcoins@gmail.com or visiting www.calcoin.org.


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