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Clipped planchets certified

Clip1030bc.jpgEven without a high market price, clipped planchets are visually interesting.
Because of the attenion being paid to Presidential dollar coins, interest in errors of this kind are running at a level that is higher than usual.

Professional Coin Grading Service certified two 2007-D Thomas Jefferson dollar coins with nearly identical 3.5 percent, semi-circular planchet clips.

?Both coins were discovered in a government-sealed ?first day of issue? box as part of a bulk submission sent in by someone who wants to remain anonymous.? said Ron Guth, PCGS president.

One coin was graded PCGS MS-66. The other was MS-67.

?The clipped planchet Jefferson dollars certainly are interesting to see.  Someone jokingly suggested that because 3.5 percent of each coin is missing they might only be worth 96.5 cents. But we all know that nice error coins are worth considerably more than face value,? said Guth.

A clipped planchet, also known as an incomplete planchet error, occurs during the minting process when the coin blank (planchet) is not correctly punched out from a strip of metal.

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