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Classified ad system adds search function

Searchable online classified ads are now just a click away.

Numismatic News Marketplace, an online buying and selling community, is active at numismaticnews.net.

?It?s the No. 1 place to bring buyers and sellers of coins and paper money together,? said Krause Publications Numismatics Publisher Dean Listle.
?We have added dozens of categories to make it easier for buyers and sellers to connect.?

Looking to buy a an 1898 Morgan dollar? Just type it into the search window and it will link you to all sellers of 1898 Morgan dollars.

?As convenient as it is for buyers to find coins or paper money, we?ve made it more useful for sellers as well,? Listle said.

Sellers can place photographs with their listings and choose from a number of selling options, he said.

They can include their telephone number and e-mail for direct communication with buyers; they can set a minimum price and bid deadline to allow buyers to make an offer on an item, or they can set a price for the item and let buyers purchase direct using PayPal.

?And to complement the online classified ad we also offer a print ad in Numismatic News,? Listle said.

The free classified ads will continue until Aug. 15, he noted.

?The Numismatic News Marketplace enables sellers to create, manage and measure the impact of their ads,? Listle said, ?and to reach the largest audience of qualified buyers through print and online advertising.

Sellers can choose from three different packages: an online ad, an online ad and print ad, or an online ad and a print ad that includes one photo. All online ads can contain up to five photos.

Anyone interested in advertising in the Numismatic News Marketplace can place their ad at numismaticnews.net.

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