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Christmas elongateds for sale

Brad Ream and Kay Harpold of Banyas Barnesyarde have announced the availability of their elongated coins for Christmas 2009.

This year they are offering 12 designs, all of which are dated 2009. Seven are cent-sized, two are nickel-sized, one dime-zed, one quarter-sized and one half dollar-sized.

Ream and Harpold designed and engraved all of the dies.

The cent elongated designs feature a child creating Santa in the snow, a candy cane, an angel with “Noel,” a holly wreath with “Happy Holidays,” Christmas stockings filled with goodies with “Christmas Morning,” a “Merry Christmas” greeting from Santa, and a candle with “Seasons Greetings.”

The nickel designs feature snowmen with “Trimming the Tree” and three children and their dog with “Christmas Caroling.”

The dime bears the word “Believe.” The quarter design features a Christmas tree made up of the words “Merry Christmas” on top of “2009.” The half dollar design shows Santa in his sleigh with his bag of toys and just two reindeer  showing, as the rest of them have already flown off the coin. It reads, “Santa’s Coming.”

The set of 12 elongated coins is available for $15 including postage and handling. To order, write Banyas Barnesyarde, 4919 South Catlin Road, Rockville, IN 47872.

Questions, or requests for custom elongated coins, can be directed to e-mail address kbrad@abcs.com.

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