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China leads Album sale results

Highlighting the Chinese section was this Xian Feng 500 cash coin tree, presumed to be unique, which sold for $105,750 including buyer’s fees.

A Chinese rarity topped bidding when Stephen Album Rare Coins held its Auction 29 on Sept. 14-15, at its offices in Santa Rosa, Calif.

The total of prices realized was $1.20 million (including buyer’s fees) on a pre-sale estimate of $800,000 to $1 million.

There was a moment of excitement in the Chinese section as the Xian Feng 500 cash coin tree, presumed to be unique, sold for $105,750 including buyer’s fees.

Rounding out the auction was a strong World Coins section. The firm’s Director of World Coins, Paul Montz, noted that Europe and Asia performed particularly well.

The Chinese highlight was a “Qing Dynasty: Xian Feng, 1851-1861, AE 500 cash coin tree, Board of Revenue mint, Peking, H-22.720 for type, Prince Qing Hui mint, ‘sun & moon’ above, cast May-August 1854, brass (huáng tóng) color, cast tree of 14 coins. All coins are obverse up except one example which is inverted on the tree.

“It is much more highly detailed in the casting than other specimens. The inverted example is also one millimeter larger than the other examples and connected to the tree by a larger spur. This one example on the tree is likely a yang qian (sample coin). This tree is of the utmost rarity and likely unique. We know of no other specimens in existence in private or museum collections, Choice EF.”

India was also strong.

“Lot 1268: INDIA: KUSHAN: Huvishka, ca. 155-187, gold dinar (7.91g), G-359 (same dies), Half-length profile bust of king left, above the clouds, holding mace & spear, wearing leather helmet & bejeweled tunic // Nana seated on lion (with left forepaw raised), nimbate, tiny crescent above, holding staff tipped with protome of a horse, attractive VF, ex Skanda Collection, Lot 41.

It sold for $64,625 with the 17.5 percent buyer’s fee.

The firm is now inviting consignments through Nov. 3 for its Auction 30 on Jan. 18-20, 2018.

Please visit www.stevealbum.com for more details.


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