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Chicago, New York clubs hold joint meeting


The Chicago Coin Club and the New York Numismatic Club made history Aug. 12 holding their first ever joint meeting. Organized by the officers of both clubs, and held strictly as a social event in conjunction with the 2013 American Numismatic Association’s convention.

The dinner was well-attended by members of both long-standing organizations. In addition to a meal, both clubs’ members and their guests were treated to an event which included greetings from both club presidents, briefings on history of both groups, comments on the medallic products of each club, and a souvenir of the occasion.

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Every attendee was given a specially created commemorative medal as a souvenir of the occasion, from a limited strike of 100 medals which “mule” the NYNC’s traditional Jonathan Swanson-designed allegory on one surface, with a newly created (in medallic form) Chicago Coin Club logo on the other surface.

As President of the ANA’s 2013 Convention host organization, the Chicago Coin Club, Elliott Krieter expressed his hopes that not only would the dinner be a success in and of itself, but that it might lead to future, similar events. New York Numismatic Club President Dr. Constantin Marinescu observed that despite the march of technology, the enjoyment of numismatics remains a very personal and social affair, and that the success of both clubs relies on the human touch and ties club members espouse.

Past New York Numismatic Club President and Chairman of its Board Dr. Jay M. Galst provided background on the roots of early New York collector-oriented societies, the move by the American Numismatic Society to the somewhat geographically challenging Audobon Terrace, and the resulting formation, in 1908, of the NYNC. He noted that one of its many illustrious members was the famed Chicago numismatist, Virgil H. Brand.

Carl F. Wolf, Chicago Coin Club secretary, provided some insights into Virgil Brand’s membership, and some of the effects that having so prolific and visible a collector had on the Chicago Club at the time.

As David T. Alexander, a member of both Clubs, provided a perspective on the medallic tradition in each organization.

The boxed gift medal and a certificate of its having been one of the 49 medals given to the dinner attendees were given to the 29 members and guests of the Chicago club and the 20 diners affiliated with the New York club.

Because the limited striking of 100 examples was edge numbered, the question of which club’s collection would receive medal No. 1 and which would receive medal No. 2 had been raised. The officers had determined that the only equitable way to settle this was to “flip a coin,” or rather, the newly issued medal.

New York Numismatic Club President Marinescu flipped the medal, and when it landed Swanson side up, he informed Krieter and the audience that the New York club wished to donate medal No. 1 to the Chicago club for all the work and generous hosting it had done in anticipation of the evening’s event. The remaining medals were allocated to each organization to round each club’s share to 50.

The Chicago club’s remaining 20 medals sold out the next day at its table at the convention at a price of $20 per medal, boxed. The New York Numismatic Club will offer their remaining 29 medals to its membership at their next meeting in New York.

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