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Cents, quarters make gains

Mint production in the month of August edged up from 321,360,000 coins to 351,640,000, but the gains and almost all of production was concentrated on just the cent and quarter denominations.

Quarter production was 62,600,000 pieces compared to just 13,000,000 coins in July. Philadelphia struck approximately two-thirds of the August output.

Philadelphia also struck slightly more cents than Denver for the month of August, recording 145,200,000 pieces versus Denver’s 141,600,000 coins.

As was the case in July, Philadelphia again struck a very small mintage of 2,240,000 Presidential dollars as Zachary Taylor production began.

Nickel production again ceased after having recorded increases at Denver in June and July and no dimes, half dollars or Golden dollars were minted in August.

Total production for 2009 through August now stands at slightly more than 2.9 billion coins, a rate of production that has not been so low since the late 1950s.

The Mint also reported that production of James K. Polk Presidential dollars totaled 41,720,000 from Philadelphia and 46,620,000 from Denver for a combined total of 88,340,000. This is up slightly from the 87,080,000 recorded for the John Tyler dollar and down from the 98,420,000 pieces struck with William Henry Harrison’s portrait.

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