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Cents pace June Mint production

The U.S. Mint chalked up its highest production month during calendar 2011 in June while striking no quarters, half dollars or Native American dollars.

Monthly cent production alone jumped past the half billion mark, comprising 56 percent of June’s numbers.

Denver struck the most cents with 269.2 million pieces, while Philadelphia came in with the slightly smaller total of 240 million.

The pace of nickel and dime production stayed steady from May to June, but the monthly totals were far higher than those registered in any month January through April.

June nickel production totaled 130.8 million pieces compared to May’s 133.44 million coins. Again, Denver’s total of 78.48 million trumped Philadelphia’s 52.32 million coins.

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The difference in dime production was even smaller. The June total was 213.5 million compared to the May total of 214 million coins. This time, Philadelphia outranked Denver with 110 million coins versus 103.5 million.

Bringing up the rear was Presidential coin production at 49.56 million pieces. Philadelphia again beat Denver with 27.02 million coins compared to 22.54 million.

So far this year, the Mint has struck dollars for Andrew Johnson and Ulysses Grant. There were 37.1 million Denver coins honoring Johnson and 35.56 from Philadelphia for the 17th President.

Somewhat larger totals were made of the Grant dollars. Denver weighed in with 37.94 million coins while Philadelphia added 38.08 million.

Interestingly, on present trend, the total number of the four Presidential dollars struck in 2011 will be about the same as the five America the Beautiful quarters.

The Gettysburg design finished out at 61.2 million, split 30.8 million from Denver and 30.4 million from Philadelphia.

Glacier registered 31.2 million Denver coins and 30.4 million from Philadelphia.

The Olympic National Park quarter design saw 30.6 million Denver coins and 30.4 million Philadelphia.

You add them all up and the numbers show the Mint is on pace to strike just over 300 million quarters this year, while it will strike somewhat fewer Presidential dollars than that in 2011.

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