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Cent substitute gets nod

The American Flag gets the nod from the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts for the reverse of the 2010 Lincoln Cent.

The image’s strength and simplicity spoke to commission members, said Thomas Luebke, commission secretary.

It also “clearly conveys the American identity in accordance with the Mint’s principles of artistic excellence,” he said.

The commission had previously recommended a sheaf of wheat symbolizing unity, but that design was withdrawn by the Mint because of its similarity to a 1920s German design.

The commission also recommended designs for the obverse and reverse of an American Veterans Disabled for life commemorative silver dollar. There were nine obverse and five reverse designs to choose from, Luebke said.

Two obverse designs garnered support. Alternative 1 portrays an honor guard representing the various branches of the military. Alternative 7 portrays three pairs of soldiers’ feet, one pair flanked by crutches. Luebke said some commission members found it to be particularly moving and well composed.

The reverse recommended is Alternative 1, a wreath design encompassing a quotation from president Abraham Lincoln.

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