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Cent production leaps in September

Just when you are ready to write the cent off as an obsolete denomination, the Mint proves the opposite by striking more in the month of September than it did in any other month of the year.

The 538.8 million cents churned out is up by 154.4 million pieces from the month of August and it also beat the previous monthly high of 509.2 million pieces in June.

The Mint has averaged 422 million cents each month for the first nine months of 2011.

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The cent production spurt occurred entirely in Denver as the September cent production total from Philadelphia actually shrank by over 17 million coins from the month of August.

Denver also cranked it up in the nickel and dime denominations while Philadelphia scaled those monthly totals back a bit.

The 58.8 million nickels coming from Denver far surpassed its 35.8 million August total while Philly’s almost 43 million nickels lagged its August effort by almost 14 million coins.

September dime output from Denver at 82.5 million beats the August total by 28 million pieces. The Philadelphia effort at 43 million was 19 million dimes behind the August effort.

At both of the Mint’s circulating coinage production facilities the presses stopped for quarters and Native American dollars, but started up after a one-month pause for Presidential dollars.

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The 248 million quarters struck so far in 2011 are comprised of four of the five America the Beautiful quarter designs slated for this year.

Gettysburg National Military Park saw 30.8 million struck in Denver and 30.4 million in Philadelphia. The numbers for Glacier National Park are 31.2 and 30.4 million, respectively.

For Olympic National Park the totals are 30.6 million Denver quarters and 30.4 million Philadelphia while Vicksburg National Military Park has 33.4 million Denver strikes and 30.8 million from Philadelphia.

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area will be the fifth quarter design this year.

With three months to go, the Mint has struck 6.36 billion circulation-strike coins in calendar year 2011.

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