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Celtic hoard to be sold June 4

Coins from the Quidenham Treasure hoard, Norfolk, 2014. (Image courtesy and © Chris Rudd)

Britain’s “Celtic Coins,” a.k.a. Chris Rudd Ltd., have announced that on Monday, June 4, the firm will be offering for sale coins from the fabled Quidenham hoard via their website: www.celticcoins.com/. The posting is scheduled that morning for 9 a.m. local time.

The hoard consists of 22 Roman silver denarii and 25 Icenian silver units discovered at Quidenham in Norfolk, 2014, by a metal detectorist. It is historically important in that it provides a further numismatic link with Queen Boudica’s rebellion against the Romans in 60-61 C.E. Like contemporary known hoards, it is likely it was concealed during the revolt.

Among other pieces, it contains three examples of the so-called Tribute Penny, denarii of Emperor Tiberius, all minted at Lugdunum (Lyon) post-14 C.E. Full details of the coins can be found in The British Numismatic Journal 86, 2016.


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