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CCAC votes on 2008 Prez $1 designs

NN1212ccacB_bw.jpgPreferences regarding four 2008 Presidential dollar designs, as well as recommendation of a Peace Corps commemorative coin program in 2011, emerged from the latest meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

Committee chair Mitch Sanders said nine CCAC members attended the Nov. 14 meeting, where they voted on Presidential dollar designs seen a month earlier by the Commission of Fine Arts.

In three of the four cases ? James Monroe, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren ? CCAC selections matched those of the CFA.

For the one exception, John Quincy Adams, CCAC preferred a very similar version that had more tightly trimmed hair. NN1212ccacD_bw.jpg(Image shown here is of the CFA choice; the hair is touched up on the CCAC-preferred design.)

The CCAC process for selecting preferred designs involves each attending member awarding up to three points for each design. Top point-getter typically receives the committee?s recommendation.

At this meeting, out of a possible total of 27 points, the favored Monroe and Van Buren designs each got 19 points, the Adams 17 and the Jackson 14.

Second-place designs received for Van Buren 16 points, Monroe 14 and Jackson 12. For Adams, two tied at 7 points apiece.

NN1212ccacA_bw.jpg?The results of the voting showed a preference for depictions of the Presidents during their times in office? Sanders said. Committee members also noticed that they tend to be preferring three-quarter profile portraits. Sanders stated that these observations are not meant to limit future designs, nor to indicate unanimity of opinion.

The recommended Peace Corps commem program would honor the organization?s 50th anniversary. CCAC recommends up to two programs for each year, extending five years into the future. It has not yet recommended a second program for 2011.

Next meeting of the committee is scheduled for late January. Sanders said he expects to will review designs for 2008 state quarters.

NN1212ccacC_bw.jpgSanders also noted that the term of Leon Billings expired after the November meeting. The committee stands at eight members until the three seats currently open are filled.

The 2006 annual report of the CCAC is expected to be completed around the end of the calendar year.

Annual reports from 2003, 2004 and 2005 can be seen online in the About Us section of www.ccac.gov.  

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