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CCAC likes denticles for Old S.F. Mint commemorative

NN725 SO2-1-B.jpgA final review of the new designs for the Old San Francisco Mint commemoratives was undertaken July 10 at a meeting of the Citizen Coin Advisory Committee in Washington, D.C.

Following ?Mint interaction with the recipient organization,? Mitch Sanders, CCAC chairman, reported that the renditions of the Old Mint building have been moved from reverse to obverse and the Liberty Heads have disappeared, replaced by classic eagle reverse designs.

The CCAC chose an obverse design for the silver dollar commemorative with denticles as opposed to a virtually identical obverse design without them. The reverse design has denticles, so the obverse should, too, Sanders explained. He said that the CCAC recommended replacing ?San/Francisco/Old Mint? under the three-quarter facing facade to ?Old Mint/The Granite Lady? in two lines below the building.

Only one silver dollar reverse design was presented. It was the eagle reverse of the Morgan silver dollar used 1878-1921. The CCAC voted to recommend the design with the proviso that this new reverse design be a ?complete and accurate replica? of the old silver dollar design.

According to Sanders, ?Some details looked like they departed from the original.? The CCAC would like it to look as much like the original ?to the extend technologically possible.?

Two gold obverse designs were shown to the committee. Once again they were virtually identical save for denticles. Once again, the CCAC chose the denticled version.

A change in an obverse legend was also recommended. Instead of ?Centennial of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire,? CCAC said it should read, ?San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Centennial.?

For the reverse, the only design presented was a replica of the 1906 half eagle ($5) reverse. The CCAC recommended that it be a ?completely accurate replica to the extent technologically possible.?

The next meeting of CCAC will be in August in Denver in conjunction with the American Numismatic Association convention.

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