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CCAC drops one Martha

Narrative proposals for gold First Spouse coins were discussed at the April 13 meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee.

Artists in the U.S. Mint?s Artistic Infusion Program will use the narratives to design artwork for the first coins.

Three narratives were presented for the Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Dolley Madison coins. Thomas Jefferson did not have a spouse while he served as President.

Only one narrative was not  approved, for Martha Washington, with the CCAC expressing concern about its historical accuracy. The narrative states: ?As a widow, before she married George Washington, Martha managed the affairs of a very large Virginia estate. In a letter to a young niece, Martha strongly advised the woman to depend only on herself for her well-being, stating ? … there are very few people who can manage more than their own business … She and husband George often discussed politics and military matters and her advice was important to him.?

The CCAC is expected to review actual designs for the coins at its next meeting on May 23.

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