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CCAC rejects signature $1 designs

Coin collectors might consider multiple ways of highlighting the signature of George Washington as the opposite of innovation, but variations on this theme were reviewed and rejected July 31 by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee as the American Innovators dollar coin.

A 2018 coin could kick off a series of four coins a year running until 2033 that will allow all 56 states, territories and District of Columbia to have their place on the honor roll of American Innovation.

Which would you choose? The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee rejected all eight signature obverse designs above. The final image is the reverse.

The reverse design depicts the Statue of Liberty in a manner that looks similar to the Presidential dollar series. However, instead of identifying the country on that side as the Presidential dollar did, this design has the national motto “In God We Trust” on it.

The final decision is in the hands of the Treasury secretary.

If this 2018 coin is released, we Americans will be able to proudly boast that there are signatures on our dollar coin as well as on our paper dollar.

Why the Washington signature, you might well ask? His signature appears on the first American patent.

The U.S. Patent Office records are a repository of American genius – as well as a few crackpot ideas – but the latter will not be honored on coins.


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