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Carson City dollars head higher

In the shadow of Greece, platinum is about 1 percent higher than last writing. Silver has closed the ratio with gold slightly by being up 4 percent versus gold at 2 percent. I suspect that over the next 60 days we will see the market trending higher although it will be a choppy ride.

The general silver dollar market remains active with lower grade generic Morgan dollars showing continued strength. They are very popular with silver investors because they are considered safe from any attempted government confiscation of precious metals. They also have the dual role of being numismatic items as well as precious metals.

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There have been some changes of interest in the better date dollar issues. A few coins in the MS-66 to MS-67 range have edged down, while MS-64 and MS-65 generic issues are stronger this week. The 1878-CC has edged up in MS-63 and MS-64 followed by the 1880, 1881 and 1885 issues of the same mint. A major bellwether of the market and especially Morgan dollars is the 1893-S, which has gained in VG-10 through VF-35.

Lower grade common date Peace dollars are in demand for the same reasons. The first three San Francisco issues along with the 1927-S have come under some selling pressure in gem BU (MS-65), and as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story is positive for the Peace dollar series.

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