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Careful where you put money toad

Reverse of Tuvalu’s new silver dollar featuring Jin Chan, or The Three-legged Money Toad. (Image courtesy and © The Perth Mint)

China’s Jin Chan, or Three-legged Money Toad, features on a 40.60 mm, 31.107 g (1 oz), .9999 fine partly gilded silver dollar struck for Tuvalu by The Perth Mint. Mintage is 5,000; designer is Ing Ing Jong.

Jin Chan is a popular Feng Shui talisman of prosperity. It represents the flow of money. Its appearance at full moon indicates houses and businesses in the vicinity are soon to reap considerable financial benefits.

Typically, the creature resembles a three-legged toad, two at the front and one behind. It comes with red-eyes and flared nostrils, and its back is marked with seven diamond-shaped spots. It is best seen perched on a pile of gold or Chinese cash, one of which will be held in its mouth.

Feng Shui lore warns that a Jin Chan figurine should not be positioned facing the main entrance. That will simply encourage money to flow out of the business or household concerned. Nor should it be kept in bathroom, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. As such, collectors will need to be prudent as to where they place their gilded Jin Chan silver dollar.


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