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Can sellout streak continue?

reaganpresdollarLast year it was reverse proof Presidential dollars that guaranteed Mint sellouts.

Now nearly a year after the last one was issued, the Mint hopes to end the sequence of Coin & Chronicles sets with one honoring President Ronald Reagan.

It will be offered at noon Eastern Time Oct. 11.

Details are sketchy.

What is in the set, issue price and household order limit have not yet been revealed.

Last year four such Presidential Coin & Chronicles sets were sold out quickly, three on the first day of issue.

The last one, honoring Lyndon Johnson, was issued Oct. 27, 2015. It featured a 2015-P reverse proof dollar, a silver Johnson Presidential medal, a 1973 Johnson postage stamp and an information booklet.

Price was $57.95.

Mintage was 25,000.

The Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy sets were also issued in 2015. Mintages were 17,000, 17,000 and 50,000, respectively. It took two weeks for all the Kennedy sets to be purchased.

Watch the Mint’s website for more details.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News Express.
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2 Responses to Can sellout streak continue?

  1. VKurtB says:

    Of course the Reagan Coin & Chronicles set will be a sell-out. Why wouldn’t it be? Reagan is still worshipped by many in the coin collecting community, a hotbed of conservatism. Look, I liked Ron Reagan as much as the next guy victimized by the Jimmy Carter “malaise” era of the late 1970’s. But it’s now time to move on. That’s nearing 40 years ago. We’re a different country in a very different world these days. Thank Reagan’s family for his service in being the right guy at the time. Then let’s refocus on today’s needs, okay?

  2. I hope they make enough so there not gone in sixty seconds to the secondary market so we can pay three hundred dollars instead of fifty seven. Let’s do it right this time . Mke enough so the collector’s have a chance to own one and not pay your rent money towards it. Make fifty thousand they will sell and that’s the bottom line to sell them. And we won’t have to worry if we can get through. He was popular so I really hope they do the right way. Just once for the collector would be nice. Especially those of us who started collecting those sets with Benjamin Franklin. Before they put the reverse coin in. After that it was chaos. I would buy it with a regular coin. The other sets didn’t have them. That’s my opinion. Enjoy your day!

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