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Can 2017-S Eagle sell out again?

2017-S proof silver American Eagle reverse

Does one good sellout deserve another?

When the United States Mint put a 2017-S proof silver American Eagle coin in a Congratulations Set on April 4, the 75,000 available sold out in minutes.

Standard proof Eagles have a “W” mintmark for West Point, while this special “S” proof was manufactured in San Francisco.

The secondary market has amply rewarded buyers of the 2017 Congratulations Set by bidding its price well above the $54.95 issue cost.

As announcers say, “Wait, there’s more.”

The 2017-S proof silver Eagle will make its second appearance in a Mint product on Oct. 5 when the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set will be offered.

Important details are still to be announced.

Mintage numbers are not yet given.

Issue price is not available.

The 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set, containing a 2017-S proof silver American Eagle, will be offered by the Mint on Oct. 5.

However, last year’s Limited Edition Silver Proof Set sold for $139.95.

Maximum mintage was 50,000, but it did not sell out.

The current sales number for the 2016 set is just over 43,000.

If we speculate that the 2017 set will have the same maximum mintage as the 2016 at 50,000, a sellout seems assured.

The combined mintage of the proof 2017-S Eagle would be just 125,000.

However, last year’s Limited Edition set had the standard “W” proof in it. So a mintage limit for the “S” Eagle in the 2017 set might be moved higher.

Regardless of where mintage for the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is put, we know there will be special grading labels to indicate early release.

That formula worked April 4. The set sold out.

The Congratulations Set in original packaging is trading at around $130. The Eagle alone in Proof-69 is around $120, while autographed Proof-70s are $350.

Now we will see if the special 2017-S proof Eagle coin appeals the second time around on Oct. 5.


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