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C4OA meets at old

The Carson City Coin Collectors of America (C4OA) held its annual regional meeting Aug. 21 at the Nevada State Museum, the site of the old Carson City Mint. The meeting was held in conjunction with the annual Carson Mint coin show.

Among the nearly 30 C4OA members in attendance, 15 provided show-and-tell type presentations of their “CC” coins and other historically significant items related to Comstock/Carson City lore. Among the items shared at the meeting was a circulated set of “CC” Morgan dollars housed in a Capital Plastics display in the shape of the state of Nevada, Comstock tokens and publicity buttons, Redfield silver dollars, an 1874-CC Seated dime and a “semi-cancelled die” variety 1878-CC quarter.

C4OA President Rusty Goe displayed an 1870-CC silver dollar that was a gift from Carson City Mint Superintendent Henry F. Rice to Virginia City Postmaster C.C. Warner and two 1870-CC silver dollar planchets inscribed as gifts to two prominent Carson City businessmen from Abe Curry.

The club was also surprised by the attendance of two special guests. Nevada native Bob Lindstrom spoke about and displayed his family’s 1870-CC silver dollar with engraving that was a gift from Curry to Carson City businessman Matt Rinckel.

The second special guest was Bob Crowell, mayor of Carson City, who gave a speech and lauded C4OA and its efforts.

For more information about the club, visit Web site www.carsoncitycoinclub.com, call (775) 322-4455 or write CCCCOA, 5032S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502.

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