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Buyers snap up proof Eagles

Buyers must like the one-ounce proof gold 2007 American Eagle coins. In the first week of sales, buyers snapped up 5,695 pieces, roughly half of the total sales of the 2006 issue.

Other sales options were not quite as strong. The half-ounce proof saw buyers take 844 coins. The quarter ounce sales numbered 1,118. The tenth ounce saw 3,702 pieces move into buyers? hands.

Sales of the four-coin set totaled 4,476.

Prices for the 2007 proofs are lower than the prices for the 2006, though fluctuating gold prices could force the Mint to halt sales and raise prices as it did in May 2006.

Maximum intages for the 2007 proof are higher than last year?s numbers.

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