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Buyers prefer rolls of Washington dollars

LilMint.jpgIt looks like the George Washington dollar coin is having a good start. Sales of the 25-coin rolls are particularly strong. The P-mint version jumped by 17,562 to 59,340 and the D-mint went up by 22,425 to 73,235. That?s not bad for ?just another dollar coin doomed to failure.?

Though no one is yet releasing any kind of statistics, word on the hobby street is albums and other supplies relating to the new dollar coin are seeing good demand. News of the plain-edge error coin should also send more people scurrying to their banks to see if they can share in the new find.

Sales of the 2006 10-coin silver proof set passed the 1 million mark. Everybody notices nice round numbers.

Montana quarters slowed down this week as did Jamestown commemoratives. They have been available long enough now that demand has become routine.BigMint.jpg

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