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Buyers chase Morgan silver dollars

This article was originally printed in the latest issue of Numismatic News.
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Morgan dollars are very active at the promotional level with apparently insatiable demand by the thousands. This demand is in the wholesale market and is real. The market often overstates itself in that if sufficient quantities were to appear to satisfy say half of the buyers the rest might very well disappear. This is because many of the buyers are trying to supply the same end user/promoter. Alas, not to worry, because in most cases they don’t exist in any holdings large enough to fill the proverbial “bucket.”

On the scarcer side, 1895-S dollars in low grade have been creeping up for several weeks. This is a date that several knowledgeable numismatists have accumulated in the past (including yours truly) and in most cases given up because most low grade specimens are of low quality for the grade and high grade coins are just too pricey to accumulate and darn rare.

Another interesting date on the move is the 1879-S Reverse of 1878. I have noticed increased buyer activity in all circulated grades and some good increases. I always like this date and wondered why it is so inexpensive and have made the assumption that people often ignore different reverses. DMPL dollars are constant. Any decent properly priced coin is moving well. Peace dollars are active.

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