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Buyers out in Baltimore

Whether it was at the official auction or on the 1,200-dealer bourse floor, business at the Whitman Spring Expo in Baltimore March 22-25 was active, according to David Crenshaw, the show’s general manager.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries conducted the official auction. Among its highlights was an 1836 Proof-66 gold $2.50 called Ultra Cameo by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. It realized $287,500.

Crenshaw also highlighted a big ticket item that changed hands in a bourse deal.

“On Thursday (March 22), an 1885 Liberty Head nickel PCGS MS-67 changed hands for $170,000 in a private-treaty sale on the bourse floor. It is the finest known of its kind and one of a population of just two.”

Crenshaw said attendance was good despite a rainy Saturday.

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Helping to attract show-goers was a special exhibit displayed in collaboration with the Maryland War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission.

Crenshaw said this exhibit included the new U.S. Mint gold and silver proof and uncirculated coins commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the writing of our national anthem. Buyers snapped up 135 silver dollars there, said Kate Marks.

“Working with Whitman has helped to introduce us to the broader numismatic community,” Marks added.

The exhibit will also be a part of the June and November Expos.

Also at the show were Mike Bean and William Story, retired Bureau of Engraving and Printing employees, who worked an authentic 19th century spider press, printed a limited edition certificate for the expo and distributed it via a free raffle twice each day, according to Crenshaw.

Bob Hammond showed a 1914 print by Edwin LaMasure depicting his conception of the first U.S. Mint. Hammond said he discovered the print in December at an historical society near Philadelphia and credits his recognition of the print to Len Augsberger and Joel Orsoz’s “Secrets of the U.S. Mint,” Crenshaw reported.

The next expo begins June 28. Visit www.Whitman.com/Expos for more information.

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  1. randyv says:

    Needing to travel to Baltimore for business on Monday, I arrived at the show on Sunday morning. Great Disapointment! No signage at the convention center, it was not until I saw someone leave the building that I thought I was in the right place. Dealer attendance at 10:30 Sunday morning was very low, seemingly less than 10% of the dealers remained. I realize many need to attend to their businesses on Monday, but the build up to the show implied this would be one of the larger shows in the country. Comparing this to the last day of the 2009 ANA show in Portland, Baltimore was smaller. I may not attend the Whitman show(s) in the future due to this.

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