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Bullion steps aside for John Adams

littlemint.jpgIt has been a slow week for regular bullion American Eagles and Buffaloes. Nothing has moved since last week. The collector versions were a little livelier. The proof silver Eagle sales jumped by 25,206 to 560,229 and the ?W? uncirculated silver Eagle moved up by 10,672 to 369,115. Gold Eagle sales crept along.

The 10-coin clad proof of 2006 cross the 2-million mark. It is a round number and a strong showing.

The John Adams first-day cover looks like it will sell out soon. This week it saw sales rise by 3,650. Less than 4,000 covers remain before the 50,000 maximum is reached.

Until the Legacy set is offered, it would appear the Jamestown and Little Rock commemorative sales are at a virtual standstill. Yes, it is summer, but sales seem more than seasonally slow.

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