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Bullion sales strong as June concludes

Bullion American Eagle sales ended June on a strong note. Sales were up by 3,000 for the one-ounce gold piece and by 300,000 for the silver ounce.

July began with sales of an additional 12,000 gold pieces and 275,000 silver. The July box will replace June’s in next week’s paper.

The First Day Covers for the last five state quarters in the series have gone off sale. The numbers in the box at upper right have had the magic asterisk added and they will likely be removed from this page next week unless there is a surprise from the Mint. The John Tyler FDC number will then be added. It currently stands at 19,721.

The Letitia Tyler First Spouse coins have appeared in the appropriate box and asterisks were added to the Louisa Adams proof and uncirculated totals to denote that they have gone off sale. Of interest is that the proof total popped up by 504 pieces to reach 7,454. That is a significant number with overall sales being so low. The uncirculated number did not change at all.

The 2008 silver proof set will be off sale about the time you read this. Sales of the 2009 set begin July 17.

Sales of the two-roll set of the Formative Years Lincoln cents continue to chug along. They rose by 5,101 to reach 281,335. For those of us who think in round numbers, 300,000 seems now to be attainable.

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