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Bullion and Lincoln supply tight

Silver is the star among metals, up over 10 percent. Dealers are reporting sales of silver Eagles continually outstripping supply in both Mint State and proof.Gold has gained four percent while premiums on older U.S. type gold continue stronger. Platinum is relatively quiet.

Type gold is up across the board, including many positive changes in the higher grade Mint State levels. Now while the market psychology is certainly there, the stronger bullion levels do not always affect high-grade issues, but over half the MS-64 issues are up since last reported.

Early half dimes are hot especially in higher grades, with particular interest in the Flowing Hair issues. When acquiring one of these be particularly careful because some really good old counterfeits exist and more than one experienced numismatist has been fooled, including this one.

Lower grade U.S. type coins are strong with good retail interest and promotional demand virtually across the board.

Lincolns exhibit particular interest in the non-key dates as both collectors and dealers realize how tight the supply is on high end circulated and lower level Mint State issues. One want list purportedly requires 1,000 1922-D cents. Good Luck. That is about how many I have seen in 42 years.

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