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Buffalo sales pace slows as Eagles soar

Gold proof Buffalo sales have continued to slow down. Only 3,017 were taken this week, bringing the total to 35,288 pieces.

Bullion buyers have taken 33,000 of the Buffalo coins so far in the month of November. This, too, represents a slowdown in November. In October authorized purchasers took 116,500 of the coins.

The gold American Eagle bullion coin total rose by 35,000 to bring November’s running total to 95,500 coins. The silver American Eagle bullion coins saw sales increase by 635,000 coins to 2,235,000 pieces by Nov. 19.

So far this year, 1,176,000 of the one-ounce gold American Eagles have been sold and 25,716,500 silver American Eagles. Both of these numbers are up substantially from the numbers recorded in 2008 when 794,000 gold and 19,583,500 silver were sold.

The sold-out William Henry Harrison Presidential coin rolls numbers were removed this week to make way for the Zachary Taylor roll numbers. Once again, collectors seem to be snapping up these Presidential rolls.

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