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‘Britannia’ removed due to trademark

The two Britannia reverses of the 38.60 mm. 31.103 g Falklands Islands 2017 crown. Top: the original showing the trademark-breaching legend; bottom: as reissued inscription-free. (Images courtesy Pobjoy Mint)

In June, the Pobjoy Mint released details of a .999 fine silver crown struck to mark the 35th anniversary of the liberation of the Falklands Islands from Argentine occupation. The reverse design featured Britannia complete with helm, trident, and rolling waves. Around the edge was the legend BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES.

There was a problem with the design. The use of the name BRITANNIA on coins is trademarked by Royal Mint Limited. On July 19, Pobjoy issued a statement that read: “Due to the word ‘Britannia’ being trademarked on coins, of which Pobjoy Mint was not aware, Pobjoy Mint has now removed the inscription from our 2017 Reverse-Proof 999. Silver Bullion Britannia Rules the Waves Coins.”

As of that date, 7,329 of the original coins had been produced. The mint has now recommenced production of the coin using a new reverse die from which the inscription has been removed. The intent is to strike 42,671 further crowns to give a total of 50,000.


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