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Britannia gets new look on proof bullion

Common reverses of Britain’s 2018 Britannia gold and silver proofs by David Lawrence. (Images courtesy & © The Royal Mint)

In early July, Britain’s Royal Mint announced this year’s Britannia proof issues.

The reverse design for 2018 comes from sculptor David Lawrence, who presents a fresh new take on behelmed Britannia. She gazes pensively, her helm decorated with a wreath of oak, daffodil, Scotch thistle, shamrock and rose representing the component parts of Britain.

Lawrence commented, “I wanted to create something with classical grace about it and a certain amount of gravitas: coins of the realm, especially when cast in valuable metals, are a serious business. I enrolled various family members to pose, bedecked with bedsheets and broomsticks for reference shots. It was then a matter of working through the compositions until some pleasing shapes could be resolved within the constriction of the coin’s roundel.”

There are 16 proof coins in this year’s issue. For the first time, they include a 1 kilo silver proof £500.

The coins are .999 fine silver: 8.00 mm, 0.80 g (1/40 oz) 5p; 12.00 mm, 1.58 g (1/20 oz) 10p; 16.50 mm, 3.15 g (1/10 oz) 20p; 22.00 mm, 7.86 g (1/4 oz) 50p; 27.00 mm, 15.71 g (1/2 oz) £1; 38.61 mm, 31.21 g (1 oz) £2; 65 mm, 156.30 g (5 oz) £10; 100.00 mm, 1,005.00 g (1 kilo) £500; .9999 fine gold: 8.00 mm, 0.80g (1/40 oz) 50p; 12.00 mm, 1.58 g (1/20 oz) £1; 16.50 mm, 3.13 g (1/10 oz) £10; 22.00 mm, 7.80 g (1/4 oz) £25; 27.00 mm, 15.60 g (1/2 oz) £50; 32.69 mm, 31.12 g (1 oz) £100; 50.00 mm, 156.30 g (5 oz) £500; .9995 fine platinum: 20.00 mm, 7.85 g (1/4 oz) £25.

Check them out on the Royal Mint website: www.royalmint.com.


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  1. translateltd says:

    Dear old Britannia looks far too demure on this new design – more like Daniel-Dupuis’ treatment of the allegorical figure on the French bronze 5 and 10 centimes from the late 1890s to around 1920. I miss the stateliness of Britannia on a late Victorian penny, or her resoluteness on the Edwardian florin and British Trade Dollar. But times have changed – that was then, and this is now, I guess.

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