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Braille commem sellout unlikely

Readers participating in the April 7 online poll said Braille commemorative silver dollars were not likely to sell out and early reports of sales now seem to confirm reader opinions.

As of April 5, there were 42,107 proofs sold and a combined total of 28,167 of the uncirculated pieces sold.

This works out to almost 18 percent of the available mintage of 400,000.

At a similar point for the now sold-out Lincoln commemorative silver dollar, sales were running at over 52 percent of the available mintage of 450,000.

Considering the venerable place that Lincoln holds in the hearts of collectors perhaps this result is not surprising. However, the Braille coin will has a lower mintage ceiling of 400,000 as compared to 500,000 for Lincoln (including 50,000 in a yet to be issued special set).

Results of course can change over time, but the usual pattern of sales is for the strongest surge to occur at the beginning of a program while they can be purchased at the lowest prices.

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