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Braille commem sales pace ratchets lower

Braille sales didn’t hold up after I put the spotlight on them last week. Totals crawled a little bit higher.

You will notice a little reworking of some of the boxes this week as closed program totals are removed and new arrivals take their place.

The First Day Cover Box has added the District of Columbia offer. You will see  that only 25,000 will be sold, so one-third have already been taken.

The maximum sales total for the Harrison FDC was adjusted to 40,000. I had originally missed the fact that the Mint had ratched the maximum lower by 10,000 from the Van Buren offer.

Next week the second Lincoln two-roll set should find a place. Sales begin as this issue goes to press. Judging from the rapid sellout of the first set, demand for the second should be quite high and an even more rapid sellout is possible.

Letitia Tyler First Spouse coins go on sale June 4, so for the time being the lines added to that box are just placeholders.

This week’s bullion American Eagle numbers were up sharply. An additional 43,000 one-ounce gold American Eagles were sold, bringing the monthly total to 44,500.

The silver American Eagle monthly tally leaped from zero to 1,034,000 this week. Obviously, demand remains high, though market participants note that the waiting time for these coins has dropped quite a bit.

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