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Boston $2 star notes sellout

The Boston version of the individual $2 star notes sold by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has sold out.

Along with that news came the announcement that order limits on the $2 stars have been lifted. With the Boston sellout, however, 12-district sets of the star $2s are no longer available.

?Everyone had a month and a half to acquire one,? said BEP marketing director Kevin Brown. ?Our predictions of sales were just about right.?

Star $2s from the other 11 districts are still available at $9.95 each. BEP produced 10,000 for each district.

For more on BEP products, call (800) 456-3408, visit www.moneyfactory.com online, or write to BEP, Mail Order Sales, Room 515M, 14th & C Streets SW, Washington, DC 20228.

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