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Borlaug gets gold medal

NB-Obverse.jpgA congressional gold medal authorized last year to honor agricultural wunderkind Dr. Norman Borlaug, is slated for presentation July 17 in the Capitol Rotunda.

Borlaug, 93, is a Nobel laureate for work in agriculture, the only person so honored in the 100-year history of the prize. He created a high yield, low cost strain of wheat that turned Mexico into a net exporter of wheat and aided India and Pakistan to nearly double their wheat production yields.

NB-Reverse.jpgIn being awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize, his recognition for avoiding world hunger was deemed a paramount accomplishment. In 2005, Congress reflected that ?Dr. Borlaug?s ?green revolution? uplifted hundreds of thousands of the rural poor in Mexico and saved hundreds of millions from famine and outright starvation in India and Pakistan.?

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