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Book teaches how to capture coins

As the Internet and electronic visual media play increasing roles in the coin industry, Mark Goodman answers the call on how to correctly photograph coins with his new book, Numismatic Photography.

The book, published by Zyrus Press, released on July 15.

Numismatic Photography teaches the reader in an easy-to-read and visually rich guidebook format how to capture quality photos using a digital camera.

Goodman addresses typical problems faced by the photographer, recommends ways of improvements and offers specific tips and techniques for raw and slabbed coins.

?[Mark] Goodman?s first numismatic book is an impressive addition to the coin collector?s arsenal of knowledge,? said Roger Burdette, author of the Renaissance of American Coinage series.

Some of the chapters included in the book are Imaging Concepts, Color and Luster, High Contrast Coins, Low Contrast Coins, Toned Coins, Special Imaging Techniques and Image Presentation. It also includes two appendices: a Troubleshooting Guide and General Rules for Coin Photography.

The 160-page paperback is 7 by 10 inches in size and holds more than 300 full color images. Suggested retail price is $29.95.

Numismatic Photography will be available in bookstores nationwide, at local coin shops and online at www.Amazon.com. To order from Zyrus Press, call (888) 622-7823 or visit www.zyruspress.com.

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